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Tattooing at Yours Truly in Oakland California

I grew up in a small town outside of Portland in a little rural town within a countryside home. I was inspired to create art from my environment like plants and animals because of my exposure to raw nature and my love for it. I was always creating found object art, and drawing/painting. I started my tattoo career while still in Highschool, as a counter person, at the end of 2012 and began learning the basics of tattooing at that time. After 4 years of being in the industry I lived in Seattle for a bit before coming to San Francisco, where I have been for the last 7 years. I frequently visit both the Portland and Seattle area for work. So if you live near those places, feel free to get on my subscription list to keep up to date on my travels. I take appointments regularly at Yours Truly in Oakland. My work schedule is Thursday through Saturday noon to 8pm. I enjoy tattooing figures, faces, plants, animals, and anything abstract or surreal. Though I prefer black and grey, I love to tattoo both color and black/grey. In general my biggest passion is creating art so; painting, drawing, crafting, and I absolutely love getting to tattoo my own works of art. Overall, my happy place is foraging in nature, swimming in rivers with my dog, and escaping to the redwoods to draw in solitude. 

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