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Book an Appointment 

To book a tattoo appointment it is best to visit my Calendly booking system where you can see my available times and get yourself scheduled in. Either click below on the calendar button, or click the calendly widget to be sent to my calendar!


Next best thing is to email me directly and set up a phone call consultation to discuss your ideas. If you email me expect wait times from 2-4 weeks for any direct communication. I will still funnel you to my calendar system if you send me and email as my inbox has an automated system, and it will have all the information you will need there in order to self book yourself into my calendar without the need to wait for a direct response!


 If you are a client from Seattle or Portland please send me an email and sign up for my subscription list to keep updated & emailed every time I plan a trip.


 If you'd like to commission artwork email is also best.

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