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🌼 Chrysanthemums and Carnations: Symbols of Resilience and Love 🌸

Updated: Jul 3

Thank you so much for getting this tattoo! To preface, the following explanation of the tattoo does not necessarily represent the tattoo owners personal meaning but i wanted to do some writing on what historically this imagery might represent. And who knows, maybe you will find something that resonates with this symbolism! My goal is to inspire and encourage intentional tattooing to make the body you are adorning on the outside, even more of a personal representation of your thoughts and feelings on the inside 🤗💗🥰

To learn more about the tattoos i do and their potential symbolism, be sure to check out more in my blog!

Did you know chrysanthemums have been cherished for over 2,500 years? Originating in China, these stunning flowers were revered not just for their beauty but also for their medicinal properties. In ancient texts, chrysanthemums were believed to ward off evil spirits and were used in spell-making for protection, longevity, and healing.

🌞 In spell work, chrysanthemums are linked to the sun, bringing positivity, joy, and light. They are also used in rituals to honor the dead, symbolizing the transition between life and death, and offering comfort to those mourning.

Carnations, known as the “flowers of the gods,” have a history stretching back to ancient Greece and Rome. They symbolize love, fascination, and distinction. In spell-making, carnations are used to attract love, enhance beauty, and bring luck and protection. 🛡️

✨ A tattoo featuring both chrysanthemums and carnations encapsulates resilience, purity, love, and the eternal cycle of life and death. It’s a beautiful tribute to ancient traditions and the timeless beauty of these remarkable flowers. 💐

Would you get a chrysanthemum and carnation tattoo? Let me know your thoughts! 💬

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Haley Dakota
Haley Dakota
3 days ago

Had no idea about these meanings and love that your sharing this knowledge. Even though tattoos are still very intentional with each person and may represent a personal meaning. I appreciate what your blog is sharing with us! I only have one tattoo on my toe and struggle with being indecisive, I love both the meanings but resonate more with getting a chrysanthemums tattooed on me, but having both together is also beautiful!

Mi piace
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