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Learn more about this 1906 Newspaper

(The captions only works for half of my video and i gave up because no matter what i did it wouldn’t save my adjustments so apologies for those who need those captions!!) 🫣🥹😭

If you listen to the whole thing I go over how I acquired these 1906 newspapers and a little bit of history on these newspapers too! I know in the voiceover i said “over 120 years old” obviously i ment to say *almost* 120 years old heheh. Anyhoo! Learn more about this 1906 Newspaper I have in my collection! I got these newspapers from my dad when he was wrecking an old building and he found them in the basement of that building. If I’m remembering correctly, it was some sort of old newspaper printing company where the building needed to get demolished. Believe it or not there were so many more of these journals just laying around in this building and it kind of makes you wonder how many businesses go out of commission and just leave little historic relics like this that get lost through time. So he decided to save a few of them, and gave a few to me so that I could bring new life with my art on these newspapers. 🖼️

Once I confirmed online that these archival papers had copies of them, I felt confident in doing my art on them as they had a lot of wear and tear on the edges. These papers are pretty insane to draw on. This delicate of paper means no mistakes. You cannot erase on this paper as it just disintegrates with it being almost 120 years old. 📄

I am a big fan of vintage things and so collecting vintage paper is one of my favorite activities. I’ve got a lot of old magazines and of course to giant stacks of 1906 newspapers and 1957 newspapers. And I also have a giant collection of music sheets that range from the early 1900s to the 1930s. Most of them are from the 20s. ❤️

My favorite part about collecting old papers is to see what sort of headlines they contain, the ads back at this era were so insane to read. Its so fun learning more about these 1906 newspapers through reading the context in hostory in provides! If anyone’s interested in reading some of these headlines, I would love to kind of take a look with you guys and share with you what some of these headlines say. It can be pretty crazy. 😜

This particular piece on 1906 newspaper is titled "The Sea Witch" and is available for purchase in my storefront as an priginal framed piece or also available in print! Check out this link for more on this body of work.

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