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Womxn in Lore

 There is serious intention with the project I am doing on this paper and it stems from the struggles of womxn throughout time. The paper obviously has a lot of headlines that would be considered misogynistic, crass, and also a number of other not so savory attributes. The art I am creating on this 1906 newspaper correlates the social norms of its time, to the way we treat the womxn of today since that time. I decided to depict this treatment towards womxn in the form of lore. 


  Womxn throughout time have generally been depicted in lore stories as deceptive beings. Usually sexualized, usually in a format of trickery or some kind of plan to take down men in someway. These stories to me have always actually depicted women standing their ground, and standing up to the control of others. But in the face of patriarchy, womxn figures who are not meek or agreeable are therefore evil, seductive and antagonistic. It is a commentary on social depictions of womxn.


  Though we have the illusion of progression, we womxn are still having others make life decisions for us, roe V wade overturning being a very big example of that. I will not be meek, I will not be agreeable and I will not let other people, especially men, force me to be more palatable for their comfort of what they think womxn should embody.

The Siren

The Succubus

The Sea Witch


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