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Tattoo Pricing:

The most important thing you need to know about how I price is, I want clients to tell me their price(sort of) 🫣🤗💗I know that sounds weird coming from your tattoo artist, but as silly as it sounds, there is a reason for it. 🧐

I want clients to be able to confidently stick within their monthly budget while still getting to honor the cost of getting tattooed. To do that I like to make sure whether it’s your pain bugdet, or your monetary budget; we stick within those capabilities for you! The reason I go by personal budgets is because I want people to stick within their capabilities and do what feels right for them. So if that means you can only get tattooed for an hour every month, whatever project you would like to start, we would just book according to that budget until your tattoo is completed. ✍️

I know that tattoos are expensive and one of the biggest reasons for me operating this way is to make sure that I am still accessible and that great art has access to people who do need to worry about sticking within their personal budget. So at the end of the day, if you need different ways of being able to afford your tattoo we can certainly discuss to find the best options for you! 🤗

Now, though I don’t have a ‘shop minimum’ tattoo price(the shortest amount of time I book is 1 hour). Another special thing that I like to offer since I don’t have a shop minimum rather I have a minimum of time. Is that I really like to let people have the space to get multiple little tattoos in the same session if they would like to fully utilize the time. Ultimately it could potentially be a cheaper route for you instead of paying $100-$150 every time you’re getting a small tattoo. I talk to pretty fast so generally we can do around 3 to 4 maybe even five small tattoos all in an hour which could potentially save you a lot of money! I love getting to do tattoos, big and small! 😍

Another thing I like to clarify, is that you are paying for the professional service I provide, and not the object of a tattoo. Tattoos are so much more than a fun art piece you can hang on the wall. They are things that never go away, and so when you get tattooed it’d be important to remember that you are paying for my services and not an object. 🔥

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