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What are my goals as a Tattoo artist?

Updated: Jun 14

What are your goals as a tattoo artist? As a client, do you have goals that you like to set for the artist you’re working with? Let me know in the comments! Listed below are a few of my goals as a tattoo artist. Be sure to check out my online calendar for the “new client inquiry” form, it will send you an automated email with more info on my goals: 🤗💗

* One of my biggest goals as a tattoo artist is making sure clients have their autonomy in getting the tattoo they want, but at the same time making sure the decisions they make are informed with all potential options. So that way you can choose what feels best for you and your body! 💪

* I like to make sure people feel free to express themselves as comfortable as possible ✨

-Especially when it comes to ideas that clients bring to me and the designs they choose. Your ideas matter, and while I may throw suggestions that could potentially suit your particular situation, the sole purpose of expressing all my thoughts is a way for you to make the best informed decision while being provided all the information you need to do so! I’m a big advocate, for people, choosing what feels right in their heart, and that will (most) always supersede my suggestions as a professional artist. ❤️

* I want people to feel safe. 🤗

-You are entrusting me with something incredibly sacred, vulnerable, and also painful! I want to make sure all my clients feel free to tell me their limits without fear or embarrassment, so that they can be empowered to go through the experience of getting a tattoo without the added stress of feeling emotionally uncomfortable. I also want them to feel empowered with the trust that they’re artist, is there to respect them as they come, and respect their decisions to get the tattoo that honors their truest selves. 💃🏼

* I want to make sure you get the best version of your idea possible! 🎨

-I never wanna Client to feel obligated into a design because that is what is available in that moment. I really like to lean in to listening to our intuition and to do what feels right. I always try my best to make sure Client can feel reassured with listening to their gut when something doesn’t feel 100%. 💯

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